"I believe in Healing through Connection.”

-Dr. Lipi Roy

From Speaking at Harvard to Haiti to Rikers & Rehabs

A charismatic keynote speaker, Dr. Lipi Roy combines her unique experiences to educate & empower organizations about addiction awareness, recovery & resilience

SITA MED is Strength & Inspiration in Trauma and Addiction using Mindfulness, Empathy + Delight

Stress is Universal

From minor nuisances like coffee stains or paper cuts to life-altering traumas such as job loss, divorce and death, we all experience stress. But not everyone develops addictions to substances like alcohol, tobacco & opioids or behaviors like gambling, sex or eating.

Dr. Roy explains why, and how to create a healthy, meaningful life infused with self-confidence and self-care!

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Dr. Roy uses science and storytelling to convert darkness to delight.


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As the first Chief of Addiction Medicine for New York City’s Rikers Island jail complex and former medical director of the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) Sites for Housing Works, Dr. Roy is uniquely positioned to speak about addiction-related issues to entities within the criminal justice system.

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Traders, brokers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and c-suite executives have high-pressure careers. Work-related pressure and other related stressors are risk factors for addiction (drugs, gambling, sex, etc.) and mental illness, so it’s no surprise that “Wall Street” folks experience high rates of both health conditions.

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Dr. Roy loves watching Mission: Impossible, rocking to a Bruce Springsteen concert, reading Vogue and watching Toronto Maple Leafs hockey almost as much as she loves medicine!

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Dr. Roy has had the privilege of caring for and learning from veterans from day one of medical training, from the New Orleans VA Medical Center and Durham VA Hospital to Massachusetts General Hospital and a NYS OASAS-run addiction treatment center in Brooklyn, NY. Vets are applauded for their loyal service to their country - but it’s come at a cost. They face unique health issues related to their exposure to unique physical, emotional and psychological duress.

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