Traders, brokers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and c-suite executives have high-pressure careers. Work-related pressure and other related stressors are risk factors for addiction (drugs, gambling, sex, etc.) and mental illness, so it’s no surprise that “Wall Street” folks experience high rates of both health conditions. Unfortunately, both addiction and mental illness remain highly stigmatized and deeply misunderstood among both executives and employees in financial institutions. Dr. Roy has spent her career addressing stigma and dispelling myths. 

As a Tulane- and Duke-trained physician who has evacuated from Hurricane Katrina, taught at Harvard, cared for incarcerated men and women at the notorious Rikers Island jail and worked 3 clinical jobs during the COVID pandemic while making over 350 live television appearances as an MSNBC and NBC News Medical Contributor, Dr. Roy knows a thing or two about stressful living. She has trained high-functioning leaders globally about data-driven ways to manage stress, reduce burnout, prevent and treat addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. 

Dr. Roy can also relate because ironically, doctors – like finance staff and execs – are less likely to report struggles with addiction and mental illness for fear of shame, judgement and job-related retribution.

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"Dr. Roy stands out among the crowd. She is not only knowledgeable but prepared down to the last detail. She demonstrates the ability to take the temperature of her audience in order to guide the presentation for its greatest benefit and to respond on the fly when necessary. There is an honesty that is obvious in her presentation style, unafraid to tackle difficult discussions without judgment, respecting all opinions. If you hire Dr. Roy to present, you may have a hard time hiring anyone else in the future!"

-Jeffrey Quamme, Chief Executive Officer, Connecticut Certification Board