Veteran Affairs

Dr. Roy has had the privilege of caring for and learning from veterans from day one of medical training, from the New Orleans VA Medical Center and Durham VA Hospital to Massachusetts General Hospital and a NYS OASAS-run addiction treatment center in Brooklyn, NY. Vets are applauded for their loyal service to their country - but it’s come at a cost. They face unique health issues related to their exposure to unique physical, emotional and psychological duress. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) priorities include suicide prevention, improving whole health and opioid safety.

  • Over 2 out of 10 veterans with PTSD also has a substance use disorder (SUD), i.e. addiction
  • Almost 1 out of 3 veterans seeking SUD treatment also has PTSD
  • 1 in 10 veterans returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan had a problem with drugs and alcohol

If you’re part of the VA, work with veterans or simply care for the health and wellbeing of a veteran, reach out to Dr. Roy today.


“Veterans are a tough bunch. They’re some of my favorite patients!”

-Dr. Roy

Dr. Roy with Lt General Mark Hertling at the Women in Medicine Summit

Robert, a Marine Corp veteran and former patient of Dr. Roy, struggled with alcoholism for nearly 40 years (and homelessness). He is now housed and in long-term recovery.

Dr. Roy with US Navy Captain Bruce Adams at the Marine Corp Marathon